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How To Shibori Dye With Nature’s Patterns

Resist patterns are as varied as each fold you make, making techniques like Shibori great to press designs with natural materials like leaves, flowers, seeds, and cones.

Etsy’s Crafting with flowers, leaves and twigs

  It’s as if Etsy’s been following  along with PETRO//FORM. After opening their custom newsletter titled, “Crafting with flowers, leaves and twigs,” I was sure they’d found the right person. It’s a wonderful,… Continue reading

Christmas gift for the plant lover: DIY terrarium

Learn how to craft a closed-top DIY terrarium using a one-gallon drink dispenser and jungle plants.

Grow Your Own Bottle Gourd For Use As A Musical Instrument, Sake Container, Or Decoration

The gourd was one of the first cultivated plants in the world. See 8 ways to use a bottle-gourd. This is one useful plant!

How To Grow A Garden From Your Leftovers

It is a satisfying intellectual challenge to see how many ways you can find to use your food leftovers in a productive way, rather than throwing them in the trash. (If you want… Continue reading