How To Shibori Dye With Nature’s Patterns

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Resist patterns are as varied as each fold you make, making techniques like Shibori great to press designs with natural materials like leaves, flowers, seeds, and cones.

I HAVE to try this DIY by @jen Inumerable Baker . I've always wanted to learn how to perfect Indigo Shibori Dying! These look stunning.:

DIY Indigo Dying photo by Jeni Baker.

Like the imperfections in nature, the results are delightfully surprising.

The basics are folding, pressing natural objects, clamping or tying to create a resist pattern unique to each dip in the dye vat.

To get started, use small swatches of natural fabrics like cotton, silk, or wool. These take dye the best and the luster of silk will be sure to please. Pillow covers, tea towels, silk scarves, bags, and fabric wallets are all great projects to start out with. (Or, for a little different experience, try egg dyeing during Easter.)


Easter egg dye by

“When you’re working with natural dyes, [honeybees alight on my shoulder] all the time,” a natural dye textile teacher told the New York Times. “I’ve had hummingbirds come and sit on my shoulder. I’m sure there are plant pheromones. They see the color and it’s alive.”

And one of the best natural dyes you’re likely wearing right now: INDIGO. It’s a beautiful color that gives blue jeans their name. Blue jeans are an old style, but bring a modern look to your home by dyeing various textiles with indigo using the patterns of nature, the ultimate designer.

Here’s a great indigo dye kit.

All you really need to do is layout your fabric flat; place your resist pieces of natural materials; fold, twist, or tie your cloth; and dip in the indigo dye vat.

Here is a curation of 10 easy, first DIY Shibori projects.

10 DIY Shibori Indigo Dye Projects

Find great project samples here.

Here are the best instructions I’ve found with excellent examples of how to tie to get the desired results.

Here are some more great ideas, examples, and instructions to get your first DIY dye project.